Carved Eagles

Woodcarving, the precursor for carved eagles, requires one not only good hand eye coordination, but correct knowledge of the materials and tools necessary for creating from plans, or the mind’s eye. Knowledge and experience of wood properties and grain selection are needed for project satisfaction. If the finished project is going to live indoors or outdoors determines the type of wood to be used. All eagles are finished in either 23K gold or silver leaf.

J.G. Kurtzman Americana Eagles span 48”, with three different mottoes available. One eagle of each motto is made every year, signed and dated. $7,500.00 ea.

J.G. Kurtzman hand carved eagles of national origin are done in accordance with traditional applications of gold or silver leaf as follows;

A) Polish Eagle, measuring 12.5” h x 11” w, in shadow box 16.5” x 20” $1,800.00
B) German Eagle, measuring 10.5”h x 10” w In shadow box 16.5” x 20” $ 1,800.00
C) Byzantine Eagle, measuring 12.5”h x 11”w in shadow box 16.5” x 20” $1.800.00

All eagles are made to order and require minimum 30 to 45 days delivery time.