Hand Painted Cane Work

J.G. Kurtzman's hand painted canework has been servicing the antique auto restoration industry since 1976. It is his own formulae paint applied by squeezing the viscous cane colored mixture onto the auto surface in a traditional cane pattern. When dried, stays raised much like real cane, and is resistant to weather and mild abrasion.

Painted cane was offered as an option on some high end autos in the early years of manufacture. It relplaced real cane applications used on many horse drawn carriages and coaches of royalty before the motorcar. Vintage motor vehicles that have been cned by J.G.Kurtzman are listed as follows.

1. Heiburnia Restorations, Pa. P2 RR
2. Sun Valley Restorations, Tempee Ariz. P2 Rolls
3. Jack Nethercut Merle Norman Cosmetics, Sylmar, Ca. P2 RR and 1916
4. Roxis Restorations, Chicago Brewster Ford once owned by Lilly Ponz, 1928 Caddillac, Brewster Buick
5. Bill Oxley Paul Stern 1928 Chrysler Town Car
6. Al Hazard 1928 Cadillac
7. Automotive Restorations P2 Rolls